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With Hana’s lack of interest in her current food, her owners inquired at their local pet store for a food that dogs just loved to eat.  The store employee told them to try Replenish Chicken Meal, Brown Rice and Pea formula. She told them, this is what I have been feeding my dog for the last few months.  She also recommended that they should transition the new food with her old food for a few days.  Well, Hana wanted nothing to do with that.  When she was given the mixture of the foods she proceeded to take out the old food one by one and drop it on the floor only eating the Replenish.  Needless to say, she told us in her own little way, that she loves her new food.

Courtesy - L. Sample

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She told us!

Hana is a new Replenish Chicken Meal, Brown Rice and Pea Formula Customer.


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